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FrozenSlate’s H110i Dies Again, Round 4

#AllTheRMAs continues with FrozenSlate’s replacement H110i which finally arrived from Corsair. We livetreamed the install.
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Lets get some laptop drivers!

Windows 10 on my Lenovo ThinkPad 13 (Gen1) has been giving me trouble and it was finally time to do a clean install horribly timed right before my trip to Portland/Seattle #ProfPDX2018 . Every clean install needs drivers and I show you how and where I find mine.
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Cooler Master MM520 MM530 MS120 Unboxing and First Look

Cooler Master sent over a box of peripherials for TheProfosist and DSquares83 to review. First its time to unbox them all along with Hamlet!
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Desktop Setup Mk IV

For some time now a number of you have been interested in an update to my desktop setup. I believe that it has been nearly two years now since I originally took the original pictures for the LTT Forums. The setup itself hasn’t changed too much since I feel I have it how I like it finally. However it’s just taken quite some time to keep it clean long enough to take pictures. Gertrude and Hamlet didn’t really make it any easier since they think I cleaned it up just for them.

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Impressions of a White G600

The Logitech G600 is a mouse that I have had for some time in my collection. I originally bought the black on launch but had always wanted the white one since it was announced. Not too long ago I got the chance. Newegg had a ShellShocker for this mouse and a Logitech mousepad for $30. Even just for the mouse that is a steal. This deal has since popped up again so keep an eye out for it. Just consider it the mouse as you can’t call what comes with it a mousepad. I have paper that is thicker.

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