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The Cooler Master Xornet II: A Mighty Midget?

I’ve owned the older version of this mouse for a few years now, purchased two back in 2011 to be exact. Due to this I was very excited when I heard Cooler Master was doing an overhaul and update. The large draw to this mouse for me originally was its unique shape. The shape reminded me significantly of an Ikari Laser, only smaller and shorter. It’s such a strange shape yet lovable for me. Considering the asking price of about $30 it’s very well built.

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The Razer Mamba 2015 Tournament Edition

So Prof and I had this deal where he would buy me this mouse if I did a review of it for his website, this was after a good bit of him trying to get me to buy the thing with my own money.

Not being a very big advocate of Razer mice or the PTE (Philips twin eye) sensor, I was quite hesitant of getting the Mamba TE at first. I’ve had a few razer mice over the years: the Diamondback original and one of the latter rehashes, a couple Deathadders, an original wireless Mamba, and an Imperator, and none of them really WOW’D me for a particularly long time. I was also never a huge fan of the smooth high gloss coatings they used for the grip area on their earlier mice.

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