PC Repair Software and you! – Livestream

I needed to update my #PCrepair software and thought I would take you along for the ride!

Appologies on the sudio for some reason the timing was off and this was the best I could do in premier after the fact. Also for the qulaiy. I had good feedbad during the stream but for whatever reason the recording was peaking like mad.



Amazon – https://tex.cx/2N7q0Yk

Razer Mamba Elite
Amazon – https://tex.cx/2LlwTaY
BestBuy – https://tex.cx/2A9wgMv

Razer Gigantus
Amazon – https://tex.cx/2P8bPmL
Razer – https://tex.cx/2Mg7YpS

Rival 600
Amazon – https://tex.cx/2nDIlR0
Best Buy – https://tex.cx/2MMGXql

Zowie EC2-B
Amazon – https://tex.cx/2nBkpO0
Best Buy – https://tex.cx/2vIosga

Logitech G602
Amazon – https://tex.cx/2NKHx84
Best Buy – https://tex.cx/2JYKK1j

Startech USB 2.0 Dock
Amazon – https://tex.cx/2OzOQzI
Newegg – https://tex.cx/2P80NO3

WASD Keyboards
Amazon – https://tex.cx/2LWhN8g
Massdrop – https://tex.cx/2OldWTG

Takasta Mouse Feet
iTakTech – https://tex.cx/iTakTech
eBay – https://tex.cx/iTakTechEbay



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