I bought the best Mechanical Keyboard, AGAIN! feat. HHKB Pro 2

I needed ond one of the best #MechanicalKeybord ‘s back in my life. After many years of not owning a #Topre keyboard I picked up a Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2. I give some insiht on how it shaped my keyboard hobby. #HHKB #KeyboardEnthusiast #Unboxing



Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2
Amazon – https://tex.cx/2NOW0zk

Amazon – https://tex.cx/2CmQ7ax

Topre Control Keycaps
Amazon – https://tex.cx/2NLiHo0

Topre WASD Keycaps
Amazon – https://tex.cx/2AfskYG

StarTech Left Angle Mini B Cable
Amazon – https://tex.cx/2CoLEnH

Coiled Left Angle Mini B Cable
Amazon – https://tex.cx/2Cp2pPF



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