Impressions of a White G600

The Logitech G600 is a mouse that I have had for some time in my collection. I originally bought the black on launch but had always wanted the white one since it was announced. Not too long ago I got the chance. Newegg had a ShellShocker for this mouse and a Logitech mousepad for $30. Even just for the mouse that is a steal. This deal has since popped up again so keep an eye out for it. Just consider it the mouse as you can’t call what comes with it a mousepad. I have paper that is thicker.

I was hoping that the white would be glossy but that was not the case. Many brands follow the standard where the black has a soft touch coating and the white a glossy. For me, like many, the soft touch coating causes my hand to sweat profusely. This is why I prefer the glossy even though there is normally less grip. On that note something to watch out for with glossy mice is that certain ones feel very greasy due to how the coating was applied. The revised Razer Taipan White Edition is a great example of this.

This mouse can be looked at in a number of ways since the design is a bit older in the realm of MMO mice. Back when it launched the original Razer Naga was its only competition and had a solid footing. The G600 easily outclassed the original Razer Naga with angled buttons that made it easier to tell location of your thumb. The buttons also had better tactile feedback, feeling decent for rubber domes. The shape was another superior aspect from my personal perspective. Logitech has always been very adept at getting a very good ergonomic palm grip on their mice. This is quite important on a MMO mouse where your thumb is not going to grip the side.

Since the launch of the G600 the Razer Naga was revised in 2014 with significant improvements to both its shape as well as its buttons. Also competitors like Corsair have entered the market. Corsair’s Scimitar gains a lot from being the newest offering building on what other brands have been doing for some time and nearly hitting it out of the park. Even with that the G600 has some enticing features that are still unique enough to garner attention.

One of these is the third click that it offers for your ring finger. Yes a third click a-la Logitech’s own Classic MouseMan/WingMan mice. This is so handy that I wish more mice offered it. Besides that the shape is so good that the G602 uses a trimmed down version of it. That shape being relatively low and wide, significantly wider in the front than rear. Now that I think about it the MouseMan was similar. Interestingly enough the G600 also has RGB for the side bank of 12 buttons. This was long before the rest of it competitors much less the peripheral industry as a whole.

Lastly is the software. The G600 was one of the first of Logitech’s mice designed with their gaming software in mind. Previously even the G700 was controlled by their SetPoint software and all profiles stored in hardware on the mouse. That said the G600 can store one hardware profile with three modes. Each mode can also have a G-Shift layer that is by default controlled by the third click. Running the latest version of LGS (Logitech Gaming Software) everything runs just as any of Logitech’s latest mice would benefiting from the years of development. LGS is by far one of the best and most developed peripheral software only rivaled of by Razer’s Synapse. Corsair is significantly behind when it comes to interface and usability. My only real complaint is that like with most Logitech mice you can’t remap scroll up or down.

This mouse is still a solid choice if you need something that offers more than your 8-9 button mouse, like the G402 and G502. This is especially the case if you can get it at the price that I did. If you’re willing to spend more you may want to look elsewhere though.


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