Phantom Build Intro

Recently someone over on LTT (Linus Tech Tips Forum) was thinking about planning a build around the Phantom PCB. This prompted me dig around for a bit and find some pic’s of what I had built for myself.

This PCB was originally designed around the original Filco TKL (tenkeyless, meaning no number pad). I however wanted to use some of the additional switch placements that were available. This meant that I needed to cut up the keyboard’s case. Imagining doing this to a Filco, a ~$150 enthusiast grade mechanical keyboard, pained me a bit inside. Luckily it turns out that the Chinese did their magic again and perfectly knocked off a Filco case with the PLU-87. These were available at less than half the price of a new Filco and still cheaper than buying one used.

Original 7bit Phantom

Above is an older picture of my original “prototype”. It was originally intended to be the final product but like always as you build something and use it you find ways you can improve upon what your doing. The one sad thing is that I had the keycaps custom made for it by WASD Keyboards which is something I would not have done if I would have know it was going to be a prototype.

Because of how well the prototype went and how much I liked using it I decided to make two “final” ones. Below are pictures of them with a slightly modified bottom row to have a spacebar, new custom keycaps from WASD Keyboards, and custom Aramid Armor sleeved detachable USB cables from MiMiC Cables.

Complete Phantom Blue

The Baby Blue one has Ergo-Clear switches and the Baby Pink one has Vintage Blacks.

Complete Phantom Pink

When I originally built this I did do some sort of build log if I recall correctly. I will do what I can to find at least the pictures from it or even the whole build log. If I do find it I will post it here so that you can see how some of the first fully custom boards I have built came to be. Also I will be stripping down both of the keyboards to nothing and and rebuilding them up to my current standards. If you’re interested in either of these head over to Twitter and follow The Tech Exchange. If you have any suggestions or requests when it come to this build please create an account and comment below or Tweet @techexchangethe with #Phantom.

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